Joel has more than 20 years of business ownership experience in various industries, including automotive franchises, apparel, marketing, health services and leadership development. But amid his worldly successes, Joel found himself lonely and lost. He calls it a time of big bank accounts, big homes and big influence—but a broken soul.

At a pivotal, soul-searching crossroad, however, Joel resolved to surrender himself to God, seeking His will above all else and trusting Him for all the other things to be added. Joel’s decision to discover his true identity, purpose and authority established his paradigm for living—and his passion to shepherd other men.

With zeal to help men experience maturity of mind, will and emotion, Joel uses his personal life lessons and near fatal mistakes to guide men on life’s journey and develop their leadership capacity.

Currently, Joel is a leader to leaders around the world and speaks into men’s lives on national platforms with the call to “unleash the king!” Husband, father, mentor and kingmaker, Joel has also authored two books, Take Me to the King and The Business of Home.