As a mentor with Kingsmen, Torri focuses on emotional health, spiritual maturity, and healthy relationships. Specializing in revealing, releasing, and clearing issues of the heart, Torri believes that a clean (healed) heart is the key to aligning your life with your kingdom purpose. Whether it’s renewing a dream or creating a new vision, Torri is there to guide, encourage, and support the men he shepherds.

Torri’s passion to shepherd men comes from overcoming his own deep-rooted personal tribulation and rejection. A history that includes abandonment, divorce, financial loss, and other life-altering blows, had left Torri broken, drifting, and searching for purpose. But through prayer, process, and support, he was able to find forgiveness, claim his identity as a child of God, discover purpose, and align his life to reflect the Kingdom of God. The process started within Torri, but the results have influenced the world around him.

Today, Torri is a husband, father and caring son. In addition to his 20 years as a one-on-one mentor, Torri is an entrepreneur, certified life coach and minister. His life motto is, “Inner game alignment, end game results.”