About Unleashing the King!

What does it take to be a man of purpose—the leader in your family, at work and for life?
Give us just 90 minutes of your time…and change your trajectory forever.

Be a man of high standards. Be a king.
If you are a man seeking camaraderie, accountability and purpose, this event is for you. During this information session, you will hear from several men whose lives have been transformed through Kingsmen, an organization empowering men to discover their identity, purpose and authority.

Your kingship is waiting.


“As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”

~Proverbs 27:17

Our culture is emasculating men. Television and entertainment, media in all forms, outcries for gender neutralization. But God created men to be leaders, guiding the family and modeling a life of virtue. We are also meant to be a source of strength and encouragement for each other.

Men today need to step up and regain the kingship we were intended to have. We are to be men of high standards. We are to repent when we fall short. And, most importantly, we must submit our lives to the King of kings.

Kingsmen trains men around the world to be kings in their life. Through camaraderie, accountability and mentoring, we are once again establishing godly order in the life of men.


Kings are not born. They are made. Kingsmen provides several formats for men to come together and sharpen each other, engaging in authentic conversations about real matters. Every level of our program deepens your sense of purpose and facilitates your development into the king you are meant to be.

01. Kingsmen Dinner Club

Purpose: Fellowship

With chapters around the world, this is a fraternity of men who meet once per month for dinner. Established to require a new standard of today’s man, the Kingsmen Dinner Club is a time for men to get real, connect and start living a life of purpose.

02. Kingsmen Circle

Purpose: Accountability

A circle of 12 men dedicated to establishing and maintaining their role as king—this is a Kingsmen Circle. They share life’s details, analyze and strategize. The Circle is a confidential place for men to connect and relax while enjoying conversation and fellowship.

03. Kingsmen Advisors

Purpose: Discipleship/Shepherding

The true refinement of a man’s kingship comes from one-on-one mentoring. A Kingsmen Advisor goes beyond an accountability partner. He disciples and shepherds his mentee, keeping him on track to live out his intended life as king.
Step 1: One-day assessment (family, marriage, health, emotional, relational, financial, etc.)
Step 2: Each man is matched with a kingmaker (mentor) based upon the assessment results. The pair walks together through life, meeting weekly for at least 12 months.


Our culture has redefined what it means to be a man, stripping us of our God-given identity, creating confusion and failure. The purpose of Kingsmen is to take back and re-establish manhood as it was intended to be from Creation.

God desires you to live a life of IDENTITY, PURPOSE and AUTHORITY, bringing glory to His name in all things. It is through a brotherhood of fellowship, accountability and shepherding that Kingsmen constructs men of integrity, valor and honor. And these virtues establish undeniable success—familial, relational and financial. Here, we create kings.

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